Lawrence T. Hobson – Founder

July 12, 1958 – October 13, 2018

The foundation of the leadership ability of the Falcon team comes from our founder’s  lifetime of studying horses in the Chicago area.  Lawrence was at home at the racetrack, both on the front line and in the back stretch.  He was not the typical kind of owner, however, his 40-plus years of handicapping horses made him the ideal professional racing manager.  The type of energy Lawrence brought to the track is representative of how the Falcon Team continues to bring the fight to re-enter the industry where it is most effective.

The beneficiaries of Lawrence’s vision are the Falcon Team, clients, owners, and partners of Falcon L&L Stables.  Those who join us can look forward to an amazing journey that will result in many trips to the winners’ circles and some of the most sought-after prizes of the Turf and Dirt.

Lori Hurt – Owner and CEO

Lori brings more than 30 years of business management experience to Falcon L&L

Stables.   She has a diverse industry background that includes publishing, finance, and Information Technology.   Lori’s  experience includes extensive risk and budget management, which brings a unique blend of professional experience to Falcon L&L Stables.  As the owner, Lori is responsible for all administrative aspects of the operation including HR, compliance and safety, accounts payable and receivable, inventory, contracts, vendor management, communications, and new initiatives.

Goal:  Ensure that Falcon L&L Stables continues to grow into the success that the founders envisioned.

Robert Taylor- Transportation Manager

GoalProvide safe secure transportation of all of the horses on the farm and in our care.  Safety first!

Michelle Hurt  –  Farm  Manager

Dallas brings a unique perspective to the farm.  Her background in hospitality and customer service is key to ensuring that the vision of  our founder is a reality.  Her knowledge and skill for ensuring that the Falcon L&L Stables environment, staff, and clients receive the highest level of care and respect.   Michelle is responsible for all aspects of customer service for the farm.

Goal: Ensure that Falcon L&L Stables is a  clean and safe environment for horses, staff, and visitors.




Falcon L&L Stables  is working with two current multi-million dollar equine industry earners to develop national and international  opportunities for our business model.


Open Position – Training Manager

Goal: Develop a progressive health and training program that will facilitate the steady stream of horses to the Winner’s Circle.

Open Position-  Grounds and Maintenance Manager

GoalProvide a well maintained safe environment for the horses and the people on the farm: Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.