DontLetSweetFoolYa – One of Falcon’s first horses, this filly, affectionally called Thirsty, is a wonderful horse that is sweet until she isn’t.  When we purchased her in 2017 she was a shy but determined horse.  She liked to do things her way and in her time.  She loves peppermints and preferred hay over grain. 

Warlike Goddess – This is another of Falcon’s first weanlings. Affectionally known as EC Girl. She is a great horse with lots of attitude. She is a big filly with a big heart. She was a rough and tumble baby and grew into a war like goddess hence her name. She has always done things on her terms and performs when it counts.

Anat’s Vision – Gemmie another of our first horses. She was a loving weanling that gave neck hugs over the fence. She loves to run and if you let her she would run all day. Her career in Puerto Rico has been a success.

Easter Chocolate – Bunny is a funny little filly who enjoys hopping around and grazing. She was an underestimated filly that is showing her talent and skill on the track.