We’re glad you have taken the opportunity to visit Falcon L&L Stables’ website. It is our hope that through this site you can acquaint yourself with what the thoroughbred industry means to our families. To that beginning, we would like to introduce and discuss the different facets of our operation and to give you some insights into our unique thoroughbred training and racing program, our priorities, and the promise we hold for the great sport of thoroughbred racing.

Falcon’s relationship with the thoroughbred horse industry spans multiple decades. We like to think that during that time we’ve learned a great deal about what it takes to be successful in caring for and racing  these wonderful animals.  While there are some things we have learned from others, we have figured more than a few things out for our selves. We are fortunate enough to have the resources to put into practice what we have learned. We are confident that you share this same commitment to the thoroughbred, which is why we’re eager to partner with you to train and race the best athletes possible.

If you are involved in the thoroughbred industry, whether through one horse or 300 horses; as a full-time pursuit or as a spare time vocation, you most assuredly have expectations for success. It is virtually impossible to achieve anything through half measures or mediocre efforts.  This is the foundation of Falcon’s philosophy. Additionally, we commit all our resources to be here for our clients, to work with you in support of our horses, and giving all our horses – be they weanlings, yearlings, two-year-olds, or racehorses  – every opportunity to maximize their potential.

Our personal insistence on rock-solid, uncompromising performance in our horses will be well known. You have our assurance that our management and administration, our hands-on horsemen, as well as our professional associates will be held to the same high standard.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Most of all, thank you for sharing our passion for excellence in the thoroughbred training and racing industries.    Contact us to arrange a personal tour of our facilities or to have any of your questions addressed.

The Falcon L&L Stables Team